Jenkins Essentials已重命名为必威国际有限公司Evergreensince this was written.

在2017年的演讲中必威国际有限公司詹金斯世界撰稿人峰会,kohsukechallenged us to continue the work started with Jenkins 2 of making Jenkins easier to install and easier to use. "A user should be successful with Jenkins in under five minutes and five clicks." At that same Contributor Summit, a few of us discussed the idea of a distribution which had "batteries included", which安德鲁proudly named "Jenkins Essentials." At the time I was certainly not as excited about the project as I am now, I thought to myself "we built a Setup Wizard in Jenkins 2, nobody needs a Setup Wizard++."

Jenkins Essentials

当我和Kohsuke继续讨论这个想法时,提出了越来越多的想法。到2017年底,图片变得更加清晰:必威国际有限公司詹金斯要点将是全面的,低维护的分布为了帮助新的和现有的用户与Jenkins取得成功,而无需成为Jenkins必威国际有限公司专家。This will of course not replace the existing distribution of Jenkins core and its plugins, which allow many of us large amounts of flexibility, but rather it will make Jenkins easier for users who don’t want to "build it themselves."

The more I thought about it, the more excited about the idea I became: Jenkins Essentials could open the door to new improvements and features in Jenkins which had been left in the "idea and design" phase going back almosttwo years呢确实,我检查了一下,詹金斯必需品设计中采用的一些概念是在2016年初想到的!必威国际有限公司

Kohsuke简要讨论了该项目他以前的博客文章但是在帖子中,我想扩展whatJenkins Essentials is, and our进步has been in its development.

What’s in Jenkins Essentials

几个月前我准备了这个演示文稿for theFOSDEM 2018必威国际有限公司Jenkins撰稿人Summit概述了以下“支柱”或Jenkins Essentials,这也在JEP-300

Automatically Updated Distribution

为了提供易于使用且易于管理的Jenkins环境,Jenkins Essentials将作为自动自我更新的发行版分发,必威国际有限公司其中包含Jenkins Core和一组版本锁定的插件,被认为是“必需”。Jenkins Essentials不会尝试镜像Core的现有每周和LTS发行线,而是一些插件版本矩阵,而是将以类似于Google Chrome的方式进行更新。必威国际有限公司

这个自动更新分布的意思that Jenkins Essentials will require significantly less overhead to manage, receiving improvements and bug fixes without any user involvement. From the user perspective, their Jenkins will appear to automatically improve over time.

There is really interesting work being pioneered byBaptiste MathuswithJEP-302确保可以安全地执行这些自动升级。


提供核心以及“必需”插件是帮助Jenkins用户成功自动化其CI/CD工作负载的好第一步,但需要在众多选项和配置插件中进行其他“平滑”。必威国际有限公司必威国际有限公司Jenkins Essentials将执行一些“基于环境的自动自我配置”。

例如,单击“启动堆栈”按钮下载页面将推出AWS味的Jenkins Essentials,开箱即用,必威国际有限公司试图通过S3和EC2服务设置AWS特定的配置。


为了为最终用户提供更无缝的体验,并确保Jenkins项目开发人员会收到有用的错误和使用遥测,以推动Jenkins的进一步改进,必须将Jenkins Esse必威国际有限公司ntials视为“连接的“应用程序。这意味着一些尚未指定的服务器端应用程序,以协调更新,接收和处理遥测,经纪人第三方服务身份验证,中继webhooks等。


Jenkins Essentials的最必威国际有限公司终支柱是确保Jenkins为用户提供了一个明显的途径,使用户可以成功地配置和使用它。这在很大程度上需要应用程序内文档,示例和应用程序中的旧功能。最终的目标是防止用户在配置CI/CD工作负载时无意间选择遗产或支持不善的选项。

Progress thus far


不幸的是,我们还没有Automatically Updated Distribution工作,这意味着您不能下载Jenkins Essentials必威国际有限公司todayand get started with it. We’re still building the Jenkins-side and server-side components necessary to make the full feedback loop operate, without which we would not be able to safely deliver new upgrades to Jenkins Essentials installations.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can check out our吉特频道或我们的Jira发行委员会

必威国际有限公司Jenkins Essentials只是今年詹金斯项目的一项主要倡议,所以我希望您和我对詹金斯的未来一样兴奋!

R. Tyler Croy

R. Tyler Croyhas been part of the Jenkins project for the past seven years. While avoiding contributing any Java code, Tyler is involved in many of the other aspects of the project which keep it running, such as this website, infrastructure, governance, etc.