Jenkins Security Advisory 2019-01-08

这advisory announces vulnerabilities in the following Jenkins deliverables:


Sandbox Bypass in Script Security and Pipeline Plugins

SECURITY-1266 / CVE-2019-1003000 (Script Security), CVE-2019-1003001 (Pipeline: Groovy), CVE-2019-1003002 (Pipeline: Declarative)

Script Security sandbox protection could be circumvented during the script compilation phase by applying AST transforming annotations such as@Grabto source code elements.

Both the pipeline validation REST APIs and actual script/pipeline execution are affected.

这allowed users with Overall/Read permission, or able to control Jenkinsfile or sandboxed Pipeline shared library contents in SCM, to bypass the sandbox protection and execute arbitrary code on the Jenkins controller.

All known unsafe AST transformations in Groovy are now prohibited in sandboxed scripts.


  • SECURITY-1266:High

Affected Versions

  • Pipeline: Declarative Pluginup to and including 1.3.4
  • Pipeline: Groovy Plugin包括2.61
  • Script Security Pluginup to and including 1.49


  • Pipeline: Declarative Pluginshould be updated to version
  • Pipeline: Groovy Pluginshould be updated to version 2.61.1
  • Script Security Pluginshould be updated to version 1.50

These versions include fixes to the vulnerabilities described above. All prior versions are considered to be affected by these vulnerabilities unless otherwise indicated.


The Jenkins project would like to thank the reporters for discovering andreportingthese vulnerabilities:

  • Orange Tsai(@orange_8361) from DEVCOREfor SECURITY-1266